Our groundbreaking ebook, The Fi-Core Workbook, provides easy-to-read, in-depth information on financial core, so you can best decide whether “going fi-core” is right for you as an actor.


UPDATED November 4, 2022!

Jam-packed with details about financial core status for actors, The Fi-Core Workbook walks you through critical information about what financial core is, and what you losekeep, and gain when you go fi-core as an actor.

With 28 chapters over 3 parts and 177 pages, The Fi-Core Workbook shares almost every angle you can think of on financial core, compiled over months years of careful study, delivering page after page of valuable information on fi-core.

What’s Inside

Not just a handbook, this immediately downloadable workbook helps you weigh the decision whether to join the union, stay in the union, go fi-core, or make a similar choice, covering many of the ramifications of this major career shift. Inside the workbook you’ll find:

  • The latest data on how many people are fi-core, how to address fi-core on your resume, becoming fi-core without first becoming a member, and additional considerations should you want to become fi-core
  • a primer on labor to get you up to speed on terminology
  • a checklist on what you lose, keep, and gain when you’re fi-core
  • names for fi-core in other industries
  • how to declare fi-core status
  • what to put in a fi-core declaration letter
  • what the union’s fi-core acknowledgment letter looks like
  • what to do after you go fi-core
  • what you should do if you want to rejoin the union
  • how to protect yourself as a fi-core actor

Plus, this landmark workbook provides information on the complications of going fi-coredefenses for arguments against financial core, how to file a charge with the National Labor Relations Board, and additional resources should you need them should you go fi-core.

The Fi-Core Workbook is written by Ben Hauck and is immediately available in PDF format so you can read it on your computer.  You can also take The Fi-Core Workbook with you to read on your Kindle or other PDF-enabled ereader.

Table of Contents

The following is the Table of Contents for the main chapter headings (as of v. 10.00). Most chapters contain numerous subsections.

Preface: “Should I Go Fi-Core?”

PART I: Before You Go Fi-Core
First, A Quick Primer about Labor
What “Financial Core” Means, Part 1
What “Financial Core” Means, Part 2
What “Financial Core” Means, Part 3
Union Actors vs. Financial Core Actors
Global Rule One and Financial Core Actors
How Many Actors Are Financial Core?
How Much Less Does Financial Core Cost?
How the Union Arrives at Your Objection Deduction
Who Pays for What Union Activities
What You Keep after Going Fi-Core
What You Lose after Going Fi-Core
What You Gain after Going Fi-Core
Complications of Going Fi-Core
How to Weigh the Decision to Go Fi-Core
Ways to Test out Fi-Core
“Financial Core” and Similar Terms
How to Identify Fi-Core Propaganda

PART II: So You Want to Go Fi-Core
How to Become “Fi-Core”
Writing Your Resignation Letter
The Union’s Acknowledgment Letter
After You Go Fi-Core
Workarounds after You’ve Gone Fi-Core
If You Decide to Rejoin the Union

PART III: Protecting Your Fi-Core Decision
Defending Your Fi-Core Rights
Debating Fi-Core Status
Common Arguments against Fi-Core
Additional Resources

Details on Fi-Core … You Won’t Find Elsewhere

If you’re considering financial core — or if you just want to know more about it — The Fi-Core Workbook is written just for you.

For many, the decision to go fi-core is not one to take lightly. This valuable workbook takes the heavy lifting out of deciding.  No other resource like it exists for actors!


The Fi-Core Workbook is not just for screen actors. Voiceover actors and stage actors — as well as workers in other industries — can also benefit from the impartial, objective information in The Fi-Core Workbook. Get your copy now to start considering if fi-core is right for you!


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Latest version of The Fi-Core Workbook: 10.00 (November 4, 2022)

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