Want to Talk to Someone with Fi-Core Experience?

If you are weighing the pros and cons of whether to declare financial core status as an actor, you may have questions about fi-core you are afraid to ask others.

You can purchase a 30-minute, private phone consultation with Fi-Core Central’s editor Ben Hauck to address your questions around fi-core status as an actor.

Talk with a Knowledgeable, Experienced Fi-Core Actor!

Your questions may be general in nature, or they may be very specific to your unique situation as an actor.

Whatever questions you have, Ben Hauck will aim to give objective, factual answers about financial core status, as well as share his own experiences about going fi-core, so that you can gain a clearer insight into whether you want to go fi-core yourself.

Get Answer to Your Fi-Core Questions Fast!

After you purchase your consultation, Fi-Core Central will email you to arrange a phone call.  Most calls can be arranged within 7 days of purchase.  If you have pre-order questions regarding a private phone consultation, send an email. See below to order.


Buy The Fi-Core Workbook when ordering a Fi-Core Phone Consultation and save $20!

See below to order the bundle.

Ordering Information

A 30-minute phone consultation about financial core status is $60 and available for purchase with a credit card or PayPal account.

Latest version of The Fi-Core Workbook: 10.00 (November 4, 2022)

P.S. Consult your tax preparer to see if your purchase may be written off as a business expense!