Fi-Core Central is an independent website covering the topic of financial core status, namely with respect to unions representing performing artists.

This website is a resource intended for the professional performing artist to aid in deciding whether to declare financial core status within a performer union’s jurisdiction.

Whether to declare financial core status is a personal decision. While this website aims to help a performing artist decide whether to declare financial core status, Fi-Core Central holds no partiality implied or expressed whether to go union, stay union, or declare financial core status.

Fi-Core Central endeavors to provide factual information that is believed to be current. While most facts will continue to remain current from their publication on this website, member-only union privileges, federal laws, etc., may change at any time. Contact Fi-Core Central should a fact on this website need updating or correction.

The opinions expressed on this website are in the form of advice and are decidedly non-authoritative. They should not be construed in any way as absolute or incontrovertible.

Ultimately, follow the advice on this website at your own risk. Fi-Core Central accepts no responsibility for interpretations of the material herein or their consequences.


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