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About Fi-Core Central

Fi-Core Central provides impartial, objective information about financial core status, geared specifically for the screen actor.

Fi-Core Central aims to be the ultimate factual resource for screen actors about financial core status — to help you decide what’s right for you as an actor. This website’s ebook, The Fi-Core Workbook, has been mentioned on NYCastings.

Financial core status — also known as “fi-core” status — is a United States Supreme Court-backed right for a worker to pay a union only for its collective bargaining services.

As a result of declaring financial core status within a union, you do not have to obey union rules — in particular, rules that may exclude you from working non-union.

For an actor, when you “go fi-core,” you are able to work both union and non-union acting jobs.

Our groundbreaking ebook, The Fi-Core Workbook, is designed to help actors decide whether to declare financial core status.

Recently expanded to 3 parts, 26 chapters, and over 130 pages, The Fi-Core Workbook dives deeply into financial core status so that actors may figure out for themselves whether financial core status is right for them.

We don’t take sides on whether or not you should go fi-core. Instead, we provide all of the factual information we can find about fi-core to help you make the decision for yourself.

Should you decide to go fi-core, The Fi-Core Workbook also provides guidance on what to do afterwards, as well as how to defend yourself as a fi-core actor.

At Fi-Core Central, we offer phone consultations, allowing you to ask questions about financial core status or even very specific questions about your unique situation.

You can get impartial, objective answers to your fi-core questions directly over the phone.

Our Fi-Core Blog covers news and topics around union membership and financial core status.

It also helps to debunk some of the misinformation online around financial core status.

Have a question? Send us an email and we may answer it in a future post.

To supplement your reading of The Fi-Core Workbook, we’ve consolidated a lot of the scattered online information about financial core status.

Our Additional Resources pages links to some interesting and important webpages for further information on fi-core.