A. The free information available online about financial core status is scattered. Oftentimes it is outdated, and frequently it is interwoven with opinion for or against financial core status, rendering it misleading or factually incorrect. You may find yourself more confused than clear about financial core after spending days seeking free information online about financial core.

After spending over a year researching financial core and considering the status from many different perspectives, actor and author Ben Hauck assembled The Fi-Core Workbook into one easy-to-read PDF ebook an organized resource of the most up-to-date information on financial core status — so that fellow actors get a crystal clear image of whether financial core status is right for them.

The Fi-Core Workbook is unique among fi-core resources. The Fi-Core Workbook provides historical insight into the term “financial core” to clarify its meaning. It details much of the many things you keep, lose, and gain when you go fi-core so you understand the manifold implications and whether it would be positive or negative for your individual acting career. It walks you through the process of declaring financial core status, with specific guidance for writing a financial core declaration letter. It even includes a sample financial core acknowledgment letter from the union so you see just how the union reacts when an actor goes fi-core.

Even better, The Fi-Core Workbook provides steps to carry out right after you declare financial core status, as well as defenses should someone contest your declaring financial core status. The Fi-Core Workbook is footnoted with outside resources so you can cross-reference facts, and its statistics on financial core are supported with information derived from union annual reports.

All in all, The Fi-Core Workbook is stuffed with nearly 70 pages of actionable information on fi-core for the screen actor.

Why spend days and days searching online for scattered information on financial core when you can download this ebook right now and have more information than any online resource provides?

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